5 Must-See Features Coming Soon to Sun-Ray Cinema

Sun-Ray Cinema. Photo by Michael LeGrand
Photo by Michael LeGrand

Ah, summertime. The nine months in Jacksonville when you feel the humidity cling like an uninvited second skin right when you step outside in the morning, when the bugs come after you when they smell the sweat, and when mosquitoes make our River City their hellish home.

Fortunately, we have things like cold beer, popsicles, and Sun-Ray Cinema in 5 Points. Take a break from the thigh chafing you get from walking around outside this summer to enjoy some new and classic films (in the air conditioning, and with a great concession stand). Below, we’ve got some must-see flick picks to help assuage your heat-induced anger.

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

June 18, 2PM — Tickets

Action! Adventure! Harrison Ford! Taking place in 1936, the 1981 classic follows Mr. Jones as he is tasked with finding the Ark of the Covenant by the government – before the Nazis do. What more can you ask for when looking for a Father’s Day outing? The cinema is showing the Spielberg film as a one-day special to celebrate the man who tolerated you growing up.

Blood and Steel: Cedar Crest Country Club

June 21, 10PM — Tickets

Skateboarding was a quintessential element of the 80s punk scene, the stories of which are explored in this documentary featuring Tony Hawk, Bucky Lasek, Ian MacKaye, and more. According to the film, D.C. underground DIY skateboarding and punk music all converged at the Cedar Crest Country Club. Follow the story as the documentary takes you through archived photos and videos, as well as interviews with the Who’s Who of the time from celebrity skateboarders to musicians. And tell your mom it’s not just a phase.


Starts June 21 — Tickets

Beginning with the 1984 cult classic Nightmare on Elm Street, SCREAM HOUSE is Sun-Ray’s new monthly horror film series. Going back to a time where horror movies were truly horrifying, the series promises some of the greatest scary movies of all time, “as well as some deep cuts you may have never even heard of,” according to the website. (More like Nightmare on Park Street, am I right?)

My Neighbor Totoro

June 25 & 26 — Tickets

Hello, Hayao Miyazaki. GKIDS, a distributor of animated features, is partnering with Fathom Events for the Studio Ghibli Fest 2017 – which is basically a fancy way of saying that you have two days to see the cutest little creature in 5 Points on the big screen. The anime is about two girls who move to a new house and discover a large, adorable spirit named Totoro.

Check it out on June 25 in English or on the 26th for subtitles. Perfect for: kids, adults, and being able to catch some sleep after SCREAM HOUSE’s first installment.

Baby Driver

June 28 – July 13 — Tickets

Ansel Elgort gets to dirty up his image a bit alongside the likes of Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx, and Jon Hamm in this Edgar Wright film. The movie follows a young getaway driver who meets the girl of his dreams and is inspired to seek a better life. Unfortunately for him, he’s coerced into working for a kingpin on a heist that’s doomed to fail. The film scored a 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, making it a definite must-see.

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