5 Amazing LGBTQ+ Friendly Places in the Core

It’s no secret that those openly in the LGBTQ+ community may have a hard time finding an accepting place to go out, and our current political climate often only adds fuel to the fire. Fortunately, Jacksonville’s Urban Core is more accepting of people from all walks of life. To help you find the perfect LGBTQ+ friendly hang-out spot, we’ve rounded up some must-see places for a great night out.

Park Place Lounge

As far as Riverside’s gay nightlife goes, it doesn’t get much simpler or more enjoyable than Park Place. With great happy hour specials, two bars, a small dance floor, pool tables, a patio, and even slot machines, it has a little bit of everything for a fun night out. As an added security perk, bouncers at the door check bags and do a brief wand sweep to keep patrons feeling safe.

931 King St. Jacksonville, FL

The Metro

Technically called the Metro Entertainment Complex, this Downtown destination definitely lives up to its name. Its seven venues include a large disco dance floor, an outdoor tiki lounge, bars for men and for women only, and a game room. Happy hour is daily, even on weekends, and make sure to check the calendar for specialty events.

859 Willow Branch Ave.

Hamburger Mary’s

Located right outside of San Marco, Hamburger Mary’s will meet all your drag needs. Each weekend, enjoy Vegas-style drag shows with loud music and louder hips, or stop in for a tamer Sunday Drag Brunch, Charity HamBINGO on Mondays, or Trivia Wednesdays. As always, the bartenders’ drinks will be slingin’ while the queens are singin’.

3333 Beach Blvd.

The Hourglass Pub & Coffee House

This little dive bar located in Downtown’s Elbow is as eclectic as it is friendly and open-minded. Whether you come for the brews, coffee, hookah, or the Time Warp Arcade, you’ll find something of interest. Check out Game Night, Karaoke, or weekly live entertainment. Although not described as a gay bar, the Hourglass is welcoming to everyone, creating a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

345 E Bay St.


Calling itself the largest and most popular nightclub in “Gayville” for the last 10 years, this Riverside hotspot offers three bars, a dance floor, and pool tables. Stop in for one of their several drag shows that are scheduled five nights a week, cheap drinks, or for karaoke at the multiple awards-winning nightclub.

711 Edison Ave.

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