Great Flavors on the Menu at Bay Street Bar & Grill

photo by Anthony Newkirk

When it comes to sports, we all have our traditions; whether it’s the team we root for, the jerseys we wear or the food we eat. When the big game is on, especially if our favorite team is winning, we just let it all go and indulge in the good times.

With this year’s Florida-Georgia game right around the corner, you probably will be looking for a good place to enjoy the good times and this historic rivalry. If so, then head Downtown to Bay Street Bar & Grill. Located just a stone’s throw from the sporting district, Bay Street showcases a truly diverse menu.

We’ve all been to places that focus more on the bar side of the restaurant and the kitchen gets left behind. At Bay Street, owner Alva Richreek, who is the head chef, takes pride in putting out dishes that showcase plenty of great flavors. Chef Alva makes sure to keep things fresh and new. Whether it’s with daily dinner and dessert specials, you almost always seem to find something new.

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photo by Anthony Newkirk

Popular game-time dishes are a natural. If you want wings and burgers, Bay Street has you covered. Or enjoy the jumbo wings, which can be tossed in any of their house-made signature sauces. A couple of popular flavors are Sriracha Ranch and the Hot & Sweet Asian.

The burgers here are a full half pound Nebraska Angus beef, cooked any way you like. If you’re a fan of onion rings, the folks at Bay Street prepare thick-sliced beer-battered ones that you’ll absolutely enjoy.

photo by Anthony Newkirk

Popular appetizers include Corn Nuggets and Macaroni & Cheese Bites, both served with Sriracha Ranch.

If your tastes veer off in other directions, there are plenty of salads, sandwiches and flatbreads from which to choose. Local beers are on tap, including those from Intuition Ale and Engine 15, so you definitely won’t go thirsty.

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Another great thing about Bay Street is the late-night hours. When the game is finally over — win or lose — the party just keeps going.

photo by Anthony Newkirk

If you can’t make it to EverBank Field, do yourself a favor and head west to Bay Street Bar & Grill. It’s a great place to enjoy some good food, good company and that local beer you crave or the one that you’ve been meaning to try.

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