Ice Cream Trending: Magic Sweet House’s Thai Ice Cream & Hong Kong Waffle

Photos by Anthony Newkirk

There are a lot of food trends that sweep through the urban core. Foods like ramen, sushi burritos, macaroons and craft doughnuts have found their way onto menus of some of Jacksonville’s best restaurants. The latest food trend to hit the city can be found on Park Street in Riverside. Magic Sweet House is home to the Thai ice cream and Hong Kong waffle combo.

Popular in the streets of countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and the Philippines, Thai ice cream offers a different take on the classic dessert. Magic Sweet House ice cream is individually rolled and fresh-made to order. Rolled? Fresh-made to order? Yes, and yes. It starts how most ice cream starts, which is in the liquid form. From there the liquid cream is poured onto cold plates that reach temperatures below negative 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Within two minutes the ice cream is at its perfect consistency, then rolled and placed in cups and topped with various fresh ingredients. Customers have a variety of ingredients to choose from.

Add the Hong Kong waffle as a side for a little crunch. A honey-comb-shaped egg waffle, the Hong Kong waffle is delicious and perfectly accompanies any ice cream choice.

I recently tried a few different varieties of treats Magic Sweet House has to offer. First I went with the Brewtiful Morning, which features their Thai rolled ice cream. The Brewtiful Morning is coffee-flavored ice cream with crushed Oreos added. While I waited, I watched the employee work the paddles, quickly shaping the liquid as it rapidly started to freeze. Once it was finished, I topped it with sliced strawberries, mini shortbread cookies, gummy bears, toasted marshmallow, and whipped cream sprinkled with crunch cotton candy. The coffee flavor really stood out, even with all the different toppings. The serving of ice cream is plentiful, so there is enough to share with that special someone.

The next treat I tried was the Hong Kong waffle. What’s cool about this dish is how it’s assembled. The waffle is carefully tucked around the ice cream, making it look like an ice cream throne. With this item I added blueberries, kiwi, bananas, fudge and topped it with sprinkles. While the ice cream is delicious, the waffle is the star of this dessert. Made with an egg batter, the Hong Kong waffle is crispy, light, and airy. It’s great to tear the waffle and dip into the ice cream.

Owner Michelle Lim thought it was key to bring Magic Sweet House to the urban core area. With the ever-growing restaurant scene, she felt that something unique was missing. Unique is what Magic Sweet House is. It is a place that makes ice cream fun practically magical.

Magic Tip:  Ask for the Bonsai Tree and be prepared for something magical. Visually it is beautiful, and it is delicious. I don’t want to ruin the surprise with too much detail – just know that it is a fun and fabulous ice cream treat. It is hot out, so go get one!

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