Work it, Girl: A talk with Chelsea DuDeVoire founder of Babes Who Hustle

Chelsea DuDeVoire’s own women’s march took a well-deserved high-step when her hobby became a business. Babes Who Hustle (BWH), a girl-powered networking platform, celebrates the common goal that all working women share: success.

For someone whose career is skyrocketing, Chelsea is incredibly humble. She’s 24 years old with wisdom beyond her years, and the community that she has cultivated for women is giving back to her in big ways. Chelsea is totally a babe who hustles.

jack: What is Babes Who Hustle?

Chelsea DuDeVoire: An online community connecting hardworking women across all industries and professions. The blog features one essay and two interviews weekly with women who are killing it in their careers

jack: Why did you create it?

CD: As a creative writer at heart, I’ve always wanted to combine my love of storytelling with my background in marketing. A year out of college and into the workforce, I lacked a creative outlet, became interested in the variety of ways that women in my life were making a living, and wanted to chat more in-depth about what they do. I came up with the idea for BWH on a random lunch break, and within 48 hours, created a website and started interviewing friends for fun. The readership quickly expanded beyond my friend circles, into a global movement that is basically my second full-time job.

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jack: Five Words to describe yourself:

CD: Passionate. Stubborn. Genuine. Tenacious. Creative.

jack: Must-Read Babes?

CD: Every Babe I’ve featured has brought something completely unique to the table! I’ve interviewed everyone from Bethany Watson, co-host for the Z100 Elvis Duran and the Morning radio show, to Jody Joynt, the only female medical doctor at Naval Station Mayport and Venus Envy, a female drag queen.

jack: Tell me one success story.

CD: I’ve seen women connect over cross-country phone calls, gain clients and book jobs due to their blog features, and collaborated with Madewell just two months in. But the biggest “success” has been seeing women everywhere show up to support me with no strings attached. A Babe from Chicago I’d never met offered to do my branding for free (shoutout: Megan Vandagens). I’ve had help from the ground up with everything from SEO to tax returns. 

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jack: What outside projects inspire you?

CD: TheSkimm, Into the Gloss and Girlboss Radio.   

jack: What is your brand of feminism?

CD: It’s a messy topic that is more confusing than it should be. Of course men and women were created with different strengths and weaknesses (and that’s the beauty of it!), but the day when the gender pay gap no longer exists will be an incredible one. I’m grateful for the women before me who fought for the social, political and economic benefits that I have today. I try every day to push that progress a little bit further for those who will come after me.

jack: Can the Michelle Duggars and the Rachel Maddows of the world get along?

CD: Yeah, but sometimes finding common ground takes work. Witnessing women from the BWH community put aside their personal reservations and offer their unique professional skills to support one another has been absolute magic.

Illustration by Roosevelt Watson III

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