Poetry Night @ Coniferous Cafe

Keri Foster reading at the Coniferous Cafe. Photo by Katie Shelton
Keri Foster reading at the Coniferous Cafe. Photo by Katie Shelton

Coniferous Cafe hosts a bimonthly poetry night—that’s twice a month, not every other month. There’s one tonight, June 14th (Facebook Event Here), and another on the 28th (Facebook Event Here). Tonight’s is hosted by Keri Foster, who just the other week wrote a guest blog on this very website about being high on poetry.

Here are a few poems from poets who’ve recently frequented Coniferous Cafe’s Poetry Night.

The Law of Distraction by “Puck”

Eyes following across room through door,
An easy out on third—baseboard or floor, I’d
Ask again later. This eightball is more cut
Than magic, dearie. Lost to lust, words may
Serve their purpose to pass the rhyme but

Still my heart beats off to dissonance. Our dance
Was only the only only—now where were we
When we first kissed? Was there tongue
In cheek to check the last status update
Or is your focus as undone as the classes
in French I cut, sneaking errant glasses
Of later and later? Still we sit, uncertain

Cocoon by Aisha Nieves

Did you know
That cocoons
Are filled mostly
With primordial ooze?

This golden liquid
The stuff champions are made from
Consists of nothing
Sans a brain
(A would-be caterpillar
Soon to be butterfly brain)
And a pair of seemingly useless wings.

And the caterpillar remains conscious
All its memories—
The leaves
The flowers
The trees and bees
Float (like a butterfly)
In the comfort of its useless wings.

It knows not the meaning of metamorphosis.

Learning to See in Another Language by Andres Rojas
(first appeared in Poetry Northwest)

Because the snapper
before us don’t have their eyes
open, nor the candles

that were bees’ bellies
or whatever, and no
plate is a landmine, even

metaphorically, and I know
what counts is not them
but us, right, and we

agree resurrection is a myth
and thus not false,
and hellfire also myth

and not untrue. And how
can you eat, how can you eat,
says just too loud

a man at another table,
knowing we know
people on the kill

list? But that doesn’t
really happen, does it,
as the interpreter tells us

after we finish: That was not
what you saw. That
was not what you saw at all.

If you’re looking for more poetry nights, here are a few happening around the core:

The Cypher Open Mic Poetry & Soul
Thursdays at Da Real Ting Cafe
128-2 W Adams St
Jacksonville, Florida, FL 32202

Prose Be!
Sundays at Hourglass Pub
345 E Bay St
Jacksonville, Florida 32202

Late Nite Open Mic
Mondays at Nighthawks
2952 Roosevelt Blvd
Jacksonville, Florida, FL 32205

Bards & Brews
(in between locations at the moment but still very active)

Poetry Night @ Coniferous Cafe
2nd and 4th Wednesdays at Coniferous Cafe
42 West Monroe St.
Jacksonville, Florida, FL 32202

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