The Blisscuit Sandwich at Southern Roots Filling Station

photo by Anthony Newkirk

This month’s Taste Test, we’re going green and eating clean. Southern Roots Filling Station is one of my favorite cozy spots. I’ve been a fan of theirs from the beginning. I first tried some of their delicious food at Jaxsons Night Market, a while back, and they haven’t let me down since. Located on King Street in Riverside, Southern Roots boasts a vibrant menu that highlights local ingredients and shows a dedication to community and sustainability.

photo by Anthony Newkirk

I have a lot of favorite items on the Southern Roots menu. It was a little difficult to choose which item to brag about. I went with the Blisscuit Sandwich. The definition of bliss is “perfect happiness; great joy.” Words like pleasure and ecstasy are synonymous. This sandwich is all that. You can pretty much call it the “pleasure biscuit.” It’s really that good. I haven’t even described the sandwich yet, and you’re probably thinking this sandwich must be filled with bacon, sausage, egg, cheese. But let me stop you right there. This sandwich, my fellow foodies, is filled with kraut, avocado and a tofu egg scramble all nestled in a cheesy garlic biscuit. Yes, you read that right, it’s vegan and extremely delicious. It’s a dish that you will fall in love with.

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For me anything with avocado is good eats. The tofu egg scramble really surprised me. Rarely do I have tofu, and it was wonderful. Let’s just say by the time you’ve read this, I’ve probably eaten ten more.

photo by Anthony Newkirk

Besides the great food, Southern Roots Filling Station does its best to use as little waste as possible by using ecofriendly disposables, and local business, Apple Rabbit Compost, transforms their food waste into soil. Southern Roots also has an excellent curated bulk and apothecary selection. You can get many items in bulk such as rice, beans, trail mix and coffee beans, just to name a few.

Owners Mariah and JP Salvat mindfully nourish Southern Roots Filling Station to thrive by being principled with a focus on integrity, respect and sustainability. For them, it is just as much about running a business as it is nourishing a community.  With the quality of service and the great food, Southern Roots makes a positive effort to stay true to themselves and to their customers.

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