What Does THE PLAYERS Mean to You?

In the month of May, THE PLAYERS Championship is an event that dominates the region. It means something different to everyone. The impact on life at the beach is huge, we wanted to know how urbanites connect with the tournament. So we hit the streets and asked folks around town, “What does THE PLAYERS mean to you?”

Hemming Park

General: THE PLAYERS? The only thing I can think of is that golf thing.

jack: Yeah, that’s the one. Does it mean anything to you?

G: No. Golf means nothing to me.

Dana Shannon
5 Points

Dana Shannon: Like the first thing that comes to mind? I think of Players by the Sea, the theater in Jacksonville.

jack: Anything else?

DS: Basketball players.

jack: Do you have any interest in THE PLAYERS Championship Golf Tournament that comes to Jacksonville?

DS: Yeah, it means a lot to Jacksonville. It brings a ton of businesses here from outside of Jacksonville to have conferences & stay here, which in turn brings more people to check out the city.

Mitch Kelly
Murray Hill

Mitch Kelly: Is it golf?

jack: Yeah.

MK: It doesn’t mean anything to me, but I know what it is.

jack: Any intentions of going?

MK: No. I’ve lived here my whole life, and I’ve never gone. I don’t care about golf.

Elizabeth McGee
Murray Hill

Elizabeth McGee: No. 

jack: So, what I’m referring to is THE PLAYERS Championship golf tournament. Does that mean anything to you?

EM: Oh, yeah. I know what that is.

jack: Are you interested in it at all?

EM: Yeah, I might go check it out this year.

Chris Sterns

Chris Sterns: TPC?

jack: Yeah.

CS: Sure.

jack: Are you interested in it?

CS: No.

jack: Why not?

CS: Oh, it’s just too busy.

Bill Holman
Hemming Park

Bill Holman: It brings the pro golfers on tour here — as a matter of fact, I’m going out there. It’s a chance to see the great players right here in Jacksonville.

Jennifer Bettis
San Marco

Jennifer Bettis: Like THE PLAYERS Championship?

jack: Yeah, the golf thing. Does it mean anything to you?

JB: No. Not in the slightest bit.

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