Why You Should Be Listening to LANNDS

Photo by Josh Wessolowski

It’s likely you haven’t heard of LANNDS, and I’d like for that to change. A Jacksonville-based band with nearly 500,000 plays on Spotify. Songwriter Rania Woodard’s indie-electronic project started in Jacksonville less than a year ago. A typical LANNDS track, if you haven’t heard one, consists of calm yet complex electronic sounds and loops, rhythmic guitar melodies, a drum loop, and Woodard’s voice floating its way through.

Honestly, I could go on and on, but you should probably just listen instead of reading my descriptions. After you listen—or while you listen, since you’re a multi-tasker—you could check out the Q&A I did with Rania about her recent collaborations, Jacksonville’s music “scene,” and what comes next for LANNDS.

Here’s LANNDS’ EP, Wide Awake in a Sleepy World:

jack: You recently released two remixes of your track, “Still.” One by Foreign Suspects and one by Mindless. What led to those collaborations?

Rania Woodard: Mindless (Earl Halasan), who’s LA based, actually reached out to me on Twitter. He had heard “Still” through the Fresh Finds playlist on Spotify and asked if he could give it a shot. Foreign Suspects (Abe and Jai) are a local duo, and they reached out as well. Both acts are phenomenal, and I’m just so glad they wanted to be a part of it.

jack: Are more collaborations coming?

RW: I sure hope so! Nothing’s set in stone as of right now, but I would love to do more in the near future.

jack: Did LANNDS start when you were living in Memphis? What brought you to Jacksonville?

RW: LANNDS actually started here in Jax. I had been in previous bands and had other stage names back home, but LANNDS started right in Murray Hill just about eight months ago. It’s all so insane to me. New scenery brought me to Jax. Meeting the people I’ve met in this short period of time, I’ll say I’m glad it happened.

Photo by Josh Wessolowski

jack: What do you think the Jacksonville music scene gets right?

RW: Being so supportive. There’s so much love in our “scene” right now. So many great bands and artists out right now just doing great things, and I’m so glad to be a part of it.

jack: What could be better?

RW: We need more great bands! There’s never enough.

jack: Are you working on anything now? New music, a tour, etc.?

RW: LANNDS is currently working on releasing a new EP in late summer/fall. Could be earlier, not really sure yet, but definitely within the next few months. Super stoked/anxious to get it out. We also have a string of out-of-town shows coming up, and plans to get out this summer as well.

Catch LANNDS at Rain Dogs on Thursday, May 18th, with Banquet, Wild Pines, and MRENC: Facebook Event

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